Trees For You & Me (TFYM) Annual Campaign

A grant program that supports global reforestation efforts through funds raised by AAZK Chapters.

The AAZK Trees for You and Me Program educates individuals about climate issues, encourages fundraising by AAZK Chapters, and supplies a forest based carbon-offset grant to qualified entities in an effort to help polar bears and the loss of
their sea ice habitat.

Mission: The AAZK Trees for You and Me Program promotes reduction of carbon emissions through education, fundraising, and support for reforestation efforts.

Vision: The AAZK Trees for You and Me Program will mitigate the effects of climate change, through support of the TFYM grant recipients.

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Goal: $30,000.00

Days Left: 103


$177.00 from Jenny in Fort Wayne, Indiana

$500.00 from Point Defiance AAZK Chapter

$472.00 from AAZK

$1,989.13 from AAZK Nashville Zoo

$100.88 from Alison in Wheaton, Illinois

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